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1958 Ceramic ‘Nipple vase’ by Octave Landuyt for Perignem

Two examples of the ‘nipple vase’ are known to be produced. This 1958 vase is considered one of the first pieces that Landuyt created for the Perignem ateliers.

Octave Landuyt’s creations could be found at national and international ceramic exhibitions at the time. Also, Landuyt’s ceramic works were often implemented at furniture exhibitions organized by Emiel Veranneman.

Emiel Veranneman consecrated several solo shows of his dear friend Octave Landuyt throughout the years at the Veranneman galleries in Brussels and later at the Veranneman Foundation.

Size: 35cm H x 41cm D

Provenance: Jan Hoet collection


An imposing and attractive set of sculptures depicting an abstract geometrical image of 4 persons in vibrant colors. The statues can be aligned or positioned randomly indoors or outdoors.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 41 × 42 × 35 cm