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1947 ‘Red Wine’ expressive composition by René Guiette

1947 Gouache on paper by René Emile Etienne Guiette 1893-1976. Belgian (Antwerp) painter and writer.

From 1919 Guiette starts to paint and his style evolves from expressionism towards cubism and post cubism. And after a while to Eastern insured abstract art. Guiette’s friend Le Corbusier designed a house for him in Wilrijk just next to Antwerpen which is the only Corbusier building in Belgium.

The authenticity of his intellectual and artistic searching makes Guitte one of Belgiums most interesting artists of the 20th century. Guitte is lesser known than his friend and colleague René Magritte, but the exhibited together several times. In the time Guitte was a life he was considered as one of Belgiums most important abstract painters.

The style of Guitte is to be considered Art Brut around 1947 and afterwards it becomes more meditative abstract.

De authenticiteit van zijn artistieke en intellectuele zoektocht maakt van hem een van de interessantste figuren in het Belgische kunstlandschap van de 20ste eeuw. Hij geniet lang niet de bekendheid van zijn collega en vriend René Magritte, maar toch exposeerden ze regelmatig samen en genoot Guiette bij leven een reputatie als één van de beste abstracten van België. Guiettes werk leunt soms aan bij de art brut, soms bij een meer meditatieve stijl.


The book written by Manuela de Kerchove d’Ousselghem en Serge Goyens de Heusch on The work and life of René Guiette is the reference, Antwerpen, Mercatorfonds, 1991, 408 pages, Illustrated.

This painting can be found in the back of the oeuvre catalog.


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