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1986 Lola Mundo chair by Philippe Stark for Driade Italy


The Lola Mundo chair is multifunctional and can be used as a chair or side table due to its foldable backrest.

Small coffee table or chair, Lola Mundo adds several functions into a single piece of furniture.

Philippe Starck presents it as follows: “Small coffee table, it becomes a chair when you open it. Want to see if we can make an object that works with an 18th-century typology and a little cocotte idea. These are fewer quotes than the desire to tangle the brushes: it is culturally unidentifiable. Pink rubber nipples? It was necessary to slack, if only in a symbolic way. To the graphic game is added the industrial game: the seat and backrest are made in the same mold.”

Lola Mundo thus reflects several characteristics of Philippe Starck’s design. It summarizes different functions in a single piece of furniture to save space. It mixes to surprise materials and genres, it does not forget the requirements of industrial production for economic reasons. And above all, it illustrates the ease with which Philippe Starck, playing with fashions, styles and conventions, knows how to tell his objects the story of his own whims, desires, fantasies, his magic, and his imagination.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 53 × 34 × 84 cm