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1952 Custom Cabinet by Elli Kruithof & Raymond Goovaerts

A custom-made buffet made for the private home of the designers. Raymond and Elli could be seen as “the modernist designer couple” or the Ray and Charles Eames from Flanders at that time. They had a wide range of activities starting from architecture and graphic design towards interior decoration and applied arts like furniture and lighting. Their passion for avant garde jazz and modern art can be found in this design. The black and white rhytm symbolizes piano keys and the bar that jumps to the front is a geometrical playfulness which can be found in the modern painting of that time. Raymond Goovaerts and Elli Kruithof were renowned for their interior project “Flandria 16” ship or better known as “La Pérousse” in 1953. The restaurant received a Michelin star a year after opening in 1954 and kept a high status for a long time.

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Weight 115 kg
Dimensions 233 × 49 × 157 cm