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1940s set of 8 oak chairs attr. Jacques Dupuis

A remarkable set of 8 elegant oak chairs. The chairs show neo-classical features and at the same time a modern Italian elegance. They come from a house build by Jacques Dupuis. Although we are not sure they were designed by Dupuis, they are in line with his aesthetics and the other furniture inside the home which was designed by him.

Jacques Dupuis (1924-1984) is considered as one of the most important Belgian post war architects and furniture makers. In the early years of his career he would collaborate with Roger Bastin and travel together to Sweden, Denmark and Norway. It’s there he got inspired by a sober and clean neo-classical / modern style. Later on he would evolve to a more complex, highly innovative and ultra chique modernism. During his career he would almost alway collaborate with other successful architects such as Albert Bontridder, Simone Guilissen-Hoa and Henri Guchez to complete gorgeous projects.

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 62 × 54 × 85 cm