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1982 ‘Ombre dessinée’ relief wall sculpture by Francis Dusepulchre (1934 – 2013)


Francis Dusepulchres’ monochromes, “paintings-sculptures”, are his best known and most accomplished works. The artist, feeling cramped on the flat surfaces of his canvases, projects his works out of the frame into a three-dimensional universe: reliefs, bulges, concavities, or cracks make his paintings real sculptures. These effects are not controlled, we are dealing with slippage, uncontrolled situations, “accidents” that create delicate works of extreme simplicity and simplicity.

The ombre dessinée reliefs are perhaps among the most “rich” works Dusepulchre created. A perfect synthesis of ideas about shadow, light, and the sometimes humorous nuances that Dusepulchre developed over the years.

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Dimensions 45 × 7 × 51 cm