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Unique Bronze Sculptural Coffee table by Emiel veranneman, ca. 1964


This unique table by Emile Veranneman belonged to the French artist Emile Gilioli (1911 – 1977), who was represented at the gallery owned by Veranneman.
In 1965, Veranneman showed this table at the Herman Miller showroom in Brussels, alongside works by Victor Vasarely and Gilioli himself, and again in his newly opened gallery space on Avenue Louise in Brussels, in an exhibition titled “Noir et blanc.” During the seventies, Gilioi resold the table to a private collector close to Veranneman and an avid collector of the designer’s early work.

The bronze tabletop was cast at the Vindevogel foundry in Ghent with the complex sand casting technique. It creates a result that is one of a kind and brings out an aesthetic of beauty in irregularity. The massive oak foot appears discrete for the heavy bronze top, creating a visual lightness that can be considered a trademark for Veranneman’s designs.


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Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 109 × 109 × 47 cm