1989 Arc Floor lamp by Gerd Arens for Pentagon Group Köln

The New German design movement produced different schools or groups within itself according to geographical location and its particular influ- ences. A common thread amongst the different groups was a distinct sense of self, evident in the work, which had not been previously present in classic German design. Using common materials that were low cost and readily available, the result was a raw, severe aesthetic with an unmistak- able energy. With its brutal honesty, new German 80s design remains un- contrived, refreshing, and truly reflective of the social conditions in which it originated.

PENTAGON GROUP, a collective artist group from Cologne founded in 1985, had a constructivist approach with more strict, minimal forms. The five members of the group—Wolfgang Laubersheimer, Reinhard Muller, Meyer Voggenreite, Ralph Sommer, and Gern Arens—were not design- ers per se but all had artistic training, masters in their craft. Their furniture was functional but experimental and raw, challenging the realm of post-modern design.


Demish Danant gallery

(German avant garde in the 1980’s. Pentagon group & Beathe Kuhn Expo 2018)




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Dimensions 20 × 50 × 160 cm