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1968 ‘Pulsations’ reliëf sculptures Pierre Sabatier (1925-2003)


In 1968, Mr. Romi Goldmuntz appointed Maison Jansen Paris to take charge and decorate the Romi Goldmuntz center in Antwerp, Belgium. It was undoubtedly the most luxurious and exuberant interior project in Antwerp of that decade.
The Romi Goldmuntz Center was a multipurpose project for the Jewish community that housed a theater, club, ceramic atelier, toddler daycare, painting atelier, ballroom, gym hall, and much more.

Maison Jansen was given unlimited resources to commission the best artists of its time to decorate the building.
Pierre Sabatier was asked to take charge of the entrance area of the building. Sabatier proposed to make monumental tin-coated copper claustra’s or separation walls, doors, door handles, and the decoration panels of the bar.

These ‘pulsation’ panels were made for the entry of the ballroom.

The ‘Pulsation’ series by Sabatier are hand-hammered copper panels that depict a sort of long-lost mystic language. Pulsations, rhythms, sequences of ancient music.

The first ‘Pulsation’ works date back to 1964 and can be imagined alongside other artists who worked with punctuations, such as Enrico Castellani or Lucio Fontana.

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