1950s Jan Cobbaert (1909 – 1974) metal sculpture

We are happy to present a metal sculpture by Jan Cobbaert (1905-1995)

During the 1950s Cobbaert knows an international breakthrough. He rides the wave of succes that he created and was aften linked to the COBRA movement. Although he never actively joins the COBRA movement, he obviously saw that his expressive lines and methods were close to their style. Already in 1942 and earlier Jan Cobbaert was working like this, making him quite a pioneer.

This sculpture shows a complete abstract composition from one side and from the other angles  it shows a figure shielding it’s self, playing and running. But also extreme pain and heartbreak. This is due to the terrible personal losses Jan Cobbaert experienced during the fifties.

The sculpture is hand signed by the artist.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 46 × 52 × 91 cm