1935 Surrealist Painting by Maurice Carlier (1894-1976)

This painting has been off the radar for a long while. In the catalogue of the exhibition at FELIXART Museum in 2009 dedicated to Maurice Carlier, the work was mentioned with a picture. The painting was marked as unknown location.

The work was shown to public for the first time at his 1935 solo exhibition at Musée Beaux Arts Bruxelles.

It is most probable that this work is called “The shell collector”. The only self portret known by the artist whom was a vivid shell lover and collector.

Maurice Carlier is probably one one of the most overlooked artists in Belgium from that generation.  Started studies as an architect in 1919 he departed as an architect and designer of furniture. It was only after the bankruptcy of the company he worked for and some personal issues, he started to study art and make sculptures and paintings.

It’s possible that if he would have been able to start his art career earlier, he would have been one of the greatest of his generation.