Pair of 1989 1st edition lime-wooden fruit bowls by Ettore Sottsass for Twergi

These two bowls date from the very first designs that Sottsass made for Twergi. They both have their early gnome shaped logo’s. Later Alessi added it’s own logo and started making these models in editions of 1000.

Between the 1980s and 1990s, Ettore Sottsass, together with the young designers in his studio, was the main designer of the Twergi line in wood.

Woodworking was a traditional craft in the area of northern Italy where Alessi has its roots. In 1989, spurred by a desire to reconnect with and preserve a local production tradition, Alessi introduced a collection of wooden articles made by artisans in the Strona valley. Valle Strona starts at 1300 metres and drops down to Lake Orta where Alessi’s headquarters are based, at Crusinallo, north-west of Milan. The year before Alessi had acquired the firm of Battista Piazza 1865, the oldest company in the Strona valley in northen Piedmont. The area had been known for its woodworking since the 16th century, but production expanded greatly in the 19th century with the introduction of the continuous rotation lathe which harnessed the energy produced by the mountain torrents and led to the establishment of a number of different workshops.

The derivation of the name ‘Twergi’, from a local sprite or gnome of the woods, a recurrent element in the legends of the valley, called ‘Twergi’ (Tuérzi) in the local dialect. Drawn at Alberto Alessi’s request by the graphic designer Milton Glaser, the gnome became the trade mark for the new wooden articles.

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