1985 Kono table by Massimo & Lella Vignelli for Casigliani

The Kono table consists of a granite base of 70cm high and of an iron cone, oxidized and stabilized, 70cm high with a 70cm base and from a crystal top 220 cm resting on the tip of the cone.

It happened on a Friday morning , in July 1979: Massimo Vignelli, meeting Casigliani in his New York studio, designed for him the first piece of marble furniture of his life: The Metafora table. The enthusiasm for this object was such that Casigliani took the first flight back to Italy taking with him the sketches of the table. On Saturday evening the table was born, and on Sunday morning the first photographs were taken.

Massimo Vignelli arrived on Wednesday and approved both the prototype and the photographs which were immediately delivered to the press. And it is in this way, not so much by chance, that an extraordinary relationship was born, rooted in a deep human understanding, and strengthened over the years by loves, frailties, lifestyles and working habits.

The working philiosophy of the Vignellis, centered on the two principles of:

-discipline, propriety, ambiguity

-history, theory, criticism

has been immediately embraced by Casigliani.

From this union are born objects and pieces of furniture which are rigorous both in the design and in the choice and use of materials, objects which might and must remain in our homes beyond any turn of fashion.

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 220 x 90 x 70 cm