1969 André Bogaert (1920-1986) wall sculpture

Andre Bogaert (Zele 1920- Aalst 1986) is a founding member of the G58 art group in Antwerpen. He worked strongly intuitively and had a very practical and no nonsense approach.

A unique 1969 flower wall sculpture made in polyethylene and spray painted gold. It was only for a short period that Bogaert experimented with polyethylene in his sculptures. It resulted in surprising and playful works.

André Bogaert will be found in every important art collection in Belgium. From SMAK, Museum Dhondt Dhaenens, Mu Zee, BOZAR, MSKA, ING collection (former BBL), AXA, ….. You can easily say between ’60 and ’75 Bogaert was amongst the top 20 most important abstract artists in Belgium. Participating in the famous Pop Art group show at Beaux Arts in Brussels in ’65 to a Solo Show in Beaux Arts Bruxelles in 1967.

Bogaert was inspired by the Nouveau Réalistes in France. Jacques Villeglé was a personal friend and several meeting between the two occurred. Tingely, Klein, Raysse,… all could count on more then just appreciation from Dré.

“The art of painting is painted to death. All painting on canvas has been spread out, drained and repressed. Only new material can now help us out of this rut.”

-André Bogaert –


Something sullen and magnificent breathing through the elements is noticeable when one views André Bogaert’s work.

Bogaert works with minimum resources and without diversions, intuitively creating directly from within.

The abstract paintings from the mid fifties evolved towards structure paintings towards the end of the 1950s. This playful and experimental phase gave direct space and birth to the assemblages which occurred directly out of this process beginning 60s.

André Bogaert’s assemblages are very rhythmic, made from the accumulation of found materials, which fill in the surface.

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