1968 Leather assemblage André Bogaert “Moon”

Impressive and assemblage from André Bogaert. His work at this stage can be considered as the Belgian school of Nouveau Réalisme. This “Moon” consists out of recycled parts solid buffalo leather which functioned as brakes from weavery machinery. Something sullen and magnificent breathing through the elements is noticeable when one views André Bogaert’s work. Bogaert works with minimum resources and without diversions, intuitively creating directly from within. André Bogaert’s assemblages are very rhythmic, made from the accumulation of found materials, which fill in the surface.

“The art of painting is painted to death. All painting on canvas has been spread out, drained and repressed. Only new material can now help us out of this rut.” -André Bogaert –

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Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 250 × 15 × 180 cm