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1957 Alfred Hendrickx coffee table

This architectural coffee table was created with the intent to be avant garde and in a way it remains to be avant garde, it has a rather experimental feel. It’s unconventional asymmetrical profile and gliding table top makes it a smart table. This is probably one of the most obvious proofs that Alfred Hendrickx was impressed by what was happen-ning in Italy from upon the early fifties and even before. We can see clear references to Ico Parisi, Franco Campo & Carlo Graffi, Ponti and other avant garde designers. For Belgium Alfred Hendrickx was without doubt the most ambitious designer who got his designs more or less to a mainstream public.

The frame of this table is in cherry wood, legs in ebonised birch. The ceramic tiles table top is unique with every table. This one is not signed but it could be Melens T. or Meysmans W.  The back of the tile top is signed with Stoclet, probably the name of the clients.


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1957 Alfred Hendrickx coffee table

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 134 × 55 × 46.50 cm