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1948 Armchair by Jacques Dupuis for ESMA (1914-1984)

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A unique and grand armchair by Jacques Dupuis in completely original condition. It was designed in the late 1940s for the ESMA social hostel in Malmedy, Belgium.

On Jacques Dupuis and the early years with Roger Bastin

Jacques Dupuis received his training before the war at the Ecole nationale supérieure d’Architecture de la Cambre, in Brussels, under the direction of the modernist architect Victor Bourgeois. From 1940 to 1951, he worked in close association with his close friend Roger Bastin, another major figure in Belgian architecture.
After 1945, the two partners worked on the reconstruction of the country. Together they built social housing estates, company buildings, and religious sanctuaries. The young men had received a strict Catholic education before their immersion in the atheistic and non-conformist milieu of the Cambre. Bastin remained faithful to the Christian faith, Dupuis got rid of it not without difficulty.
From their common production stand out the church of Sainte-Alène, in Saint-Gilles (Brussels, 1941-1951); two Marian chapels in Bertrix (Belgian Ardennes), a testbed for the new architecture; the fascinating parish church of Jehonville in the same region, little known, of great stylistic virtuosity, a sort of refined Chartres; the two  ESMA social hostels for electricity workers, in Malmédy and in Auvelais. All these buildings show a disconcerting mixture of radical audacity in the design and an attachment to tradition. This conception permeates Jacques Dupuis’s first major achievement in Brussels, the villa Le Parador that his older brother Paul-Victor commissioned in 1946.