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1932 Modernist desk by Antoon Blanckaert (1907-1987) for the Blanckaert – Singelyn residence, Aalst


The architect Antoon Blanckaert was a friend and colleague of Gaston Eysselinck. In 1925 they visited the ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts décoratifs et industriels modernes’ in Paris. They discovered Robert Mallet-Stevens, Henri Sauvage, Konstantin Melnikov,  and apparently were struck by the  “Pavillon de l’Esprit Nouveau” by Le Corbusier.

After Gaston Eysselinck opens his own architecture firm in 1930, Blanckaert joined him and the two men worked together for 5 years. Antoon Blanckaert even lived together with Eysselinck during these years. Evidently, because of this close relation, there are similarities to be discovered in the work of both architects.

Gaston Eysselinck and Antoon Blanckaert designed and made tubular furniture themselves as a matter of experiment. Several pieces were later produced by a professional atelier, unfortunately, the exact atelier remains unknown until now. Probably it was the maker who produced the furniture for Gaston Eysselincks’ designs.

This large and practical desk was designed for the part of the house where the sister of Blanckaert lived with her husband Leo Singelyn. Until recently the desk remained always in the study room of the house. The chair with the original yellow woven fabric is the SS33 chair by Hans Luckhardt for DESTA möbel Germany. It was released in 1931.