1930s dressing table By Alfred Chambon for the hotel Métropole Brussels

A wonderful dressing table coming from room 6501 of the Hotel Métropole in Brussels. For the whole story I refer you to there website ( https://metropolehotel.com/en/about )

In 1932 after the first world war there was a significant extension of the hotel. Each room was luxuriously finished as always. It was the son of Auban Chambon  (Alfred Chambon) that took charge of a large part of the furniture. This specific dressing table came out of room 6501 stating it’s sticker at the back.

The table is made out of solid cherry wood and had together with a handmade piece of nickeled steel. A true candy for the eye…

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 120 × 50 × 71 cm