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1927 Bauhaus Cabinet by architect Peter Getz (1909-1988)


This cabinet was designed by Peter Getz, architect (1909 – 1988). Getz was originally from Aachen but lived in Koblenz before the war. After the war, he worked there as an architect at the Oberpostdirektion (main post office). In the 1920s, he was in contact with various architects who were connected with the Bauhaus, such as Rudolf Schwarz and Hans Poelzig. Peter Getz designed this cupboard in 1927.
The cabinet is one of two cabinets that were produced, one for the dining room and only for the study room, and was part of an entire interior design.

Dimensions: 154cm H x 165cm W x 75cm D

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Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 75 × 165 × 154 cm